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Here, we will introduce you to our staff!!


Nick is the co- creator of lucky 7 studios, the admin of the site, and in fact, he is writing this right now while talking about him self in the third person.He enjoys doing that. He makes many mediocre flash animations by himsel. He plays Yokira in Lucky 7 videos.



Luke is the co- creator/ founder of lucky 7 studios....hes made many videos in the past, including bud lightyear and weedie, and co- created orange juice (not yet posted, but we might get around to it..... although it does have some pretty insulting things about teachers in it....) Luke plays Toshumoshu in Lucky 7 videos.


Grant is normally a camera man but sometimes appears in lucky 7 films. he enjoys golf, and plays Delilah the hippy in "Yokira and Toshumoshu vs. The Hippies" and in the upocming film "Yokira and Toshumoshu: The Return of the Hippy" (not released yet)

Blake rarely appears in any videos..... but he does sometimes..... like in "Yokira and Toshumoshu vs. The Hippies" and a cameo appearance in "Yokira and Toshumoshu: Harroween Special"


Joe the squirrel is a a female....... I'll bet you didn't know that!!! Anyway........ she hasn't appeared in any of our movies yet......... but she will soon!!!