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Well....... we hadn't had many updates..
but I'm working on a stories/poems section..... I know it sounds pretty cheesy... thats why I'm putting a poll up......please only vote once, so that we can get accurate results...
i just added a new flash animation to the videos section..... watch it!!!
we just added a new way to submit comments to lucky 7 studios admin (me). Also, I must remind you to SUBMIT CONTENT we need some new material!!! if you a local, we might even make a small payment (no promises). Just submit content.... you will get full credit for your work... no, we're not begging, we're demanding!!!
Hey, we just got a new tripod pro account AND a domain name!!! the new domain name is:
hey guys... prepare youselves
for an awesome video.. coming out very, very soon!! watch it here:
yay, yokira and toshumoshu!!!
Hey.... we just added a new chat room... we are striving to make sure it remains 105% safe!!!
Hey! Its Nick. Feel free to submit any material. just email me here and I will get to you. I check my email twice a day..... so don't worry I will post your material unless it is insanely vulgar or has any nudity!!!

Welcome to The Website
Lucky 7 Studios is the original makers of yokira and toshumoshu videos.
We would like to welcome you to our site and allow you to watch our hilarious videos!!

Here at Lucky 7 Studios, our number one goal is to make you laugh......alot...... we mean like till you soil your self! enjoy!!