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Check out my cool videos (updated regularly)

A Very Gangsta Film

Warning: Contains Some Content that may be considered offensive, racist, stereotypical, or innapropriate for younger audiences.

Ghetto Reaper

A pretty decent movie luke and alex made

Yokira and Toshumoshu #1 (Original Cut)

Its our first ever movie

Once upon a time...

a new flash animation about a genie, hippies, and a bomb..... need i say more???

The Most Super Awesomest Video Ever!!

an awesome video!!! the most awesome thing ever!!! yay!!

Yokira and Toshumoshu: "Harroween Special"

It great Harroween Speciar... watch it.... battle is at hand!!!

If (a lucky 7 studios independent film)

really the stupidest crap we've ever made.......

Gi Joe Commercial

actually pretty funny........ i always have the tune stuck in my head...... "Super Secret Naked Headless GI Joe Action Playset: Buy It Today....." because buying is only half the battle... lol.... but i digress.....

Yokira and Toshumoshu vs. The Hippies

watch this......... kirring snakes is very fun!!!